Private Bonita Day School School in California

Bonita Country Day School Philosophy

Bonita Country Day School was founded on the premise that Enjoyment is the key to motivation and motivation is the key to learning. Learning should be fun and success brings happiness as well as self-esteem. Bonita Country Day is a happy school.

Parent involvement is an essential component of the school’s philosophy. Education begins at home, and parents are their child’s primary teacher. It is important that the child’s parents and teacher have common educational goals and work in harmony for the benefit of the child. Parent involvement exists to further the school’s vision.

Bonita Country Day School supports a strong educational program that values the individual learning experience of each child. The school recognizes that each student has unique ideas and abilities. Flexibility in meeting the developmental needs of each student is an important part of our philosophy. We believe that each student is an individual and we support an educational process, which is genuinely responsive to each student’s special strengths and needs. Therefore students are grouped by age to address their social development and classes are kept small so we can address each child’s academic needs.

Positive reinforcement is an essential aspect of our philosophy. Our small classes allow our teachers to really know their students and allow are students to be active learners. Each student is given positive reinforcement to promote his or her self-confidence. Students are encouraged to believe in themselves and to work to their full potential.

Bonita Country Day School is a special place. It is a school where we are ‘Teaching students how to think, not what to think.’ Mutual kindness, trust and respect gives students the courage to express their own ideas and attempt new challenges. Bonita Country Day School is truly a place where learning flourishes.