Our classes ensure your child learns the basic building blocks to solve any problem.

The students that pass through our doors are prepared to take on whatever comes their way.

Reading and writing skills excel in all of our students. We want you to be prepared for all of life’s challenges.

Our classes are crafted for our students to excel and become well rounded in all they do.

Bonita Country Day School At a Glance


Location Nearby

Located in Chula Vista, California. We are just a few minutes from the freeway. Our campus is located off of Otay Lakes Road just a few blocks away from many local conveniences.

Passionate Staff

Our staff of teachers are top notch. Most teachers have an average tenure of over 8 Years. They are here to make sure your child excels in all they do.

No Discrimination

We do no discriminate on basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin. We are Non Sectarian, Coeducational, Non- Profit. Your child is in a safe and nurturing environment.

Strong Academic Focus

Our main focus for students is to put them on a path to success in all they do. We have small classes with individual attention. We have Bilingual programs. We rate high on National Standardized test scores.

Why choose Bonita Country Day School?


Time to Learn

Our students are taught from the onset that you are your own product. The more you put into yourself the more it will show in all you do. The time our students spend with us will be the best years of their life.

Preparing for the future

All of our students will be given the best tools, training, and reinforcement to ensure that they excel in all the do from art, music, sports, computers, history, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Value Based Education

All of our students have the opportunity to build on their education without breaking the bank. We value that our students and parents believe in supporting Bonita Country Day School and we enjoy giving back.

Children are a miracle waiting to happen.


Alot of Nothing

Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything.– Giacomo Leopardi

A Child Forgotten

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think– Margaret Mead

Children Taught

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today РStacia Tauscher

Life Matters

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.– Angela Schindt

Making your child our priority


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